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Enabling debit networks to support the growing list of Card-Linked Offers (CLO)

Publishers and third parties integrate with Sentral one time and gain access to all debit networks, limiting the investment and time frame commitment for debit networks to get to market. Our solution provides an efficient process for setting standards, common certification requirements, industry problem solving, and more.

CLO/CLS Programs are Growing in Number and Size

CLS programs are growing rapidly, with expansion plans by major brands and a growing number of specialty programs.

With the creation of facilities by Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover to provide transaction monitoring service virtually any credit card in the US can be supported for CLS.

The debit card payment infrastructure is somewhat different with 25% of purchase transactions flowing outside the major brands via the US Debit Networks. These include NYCE, Pulse, Star, Accel, Shazam, Jeanie, AFFN and CU 24.

As of summer 2018, these networks did not support the monitoring functionality required for CLS services.

Sentral has integrated with all major debit networks to provide you one single debit gateway for your CLO program.

Ratio of Credit to Debit Card CLS Programs

  • Debit
  • Credit Card
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