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We Work Closely with Debit Networks to Provide One Consistent Integration Gateway

Sentral’s Debit Link Product is focused on providing access to the debit network brands operating in the United States, that act as the switching and authorization platforms for debit card purchase transactions that do not flow through Mastercard or Visa central authorization platforms. These networks include NYCE, Pulse, Star, Accel, Shazam, AFFN, CU24, and Jeanie.

Through its planned integration for the support of card-linked services with each of these debit networks, card linked services program managers and publishers (our partners) can gain access to all debit transactions in the U.S. outside Visa and Mastercard through one access point.

Sentral works closely with the debit networks to provide one consistent integration gateway, but also standardization in requirements and procedures to facilitate the expansion of card linked services programs supporting debit cards.

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