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Our Debit Network Solution

Recognizing the strong need for a means to enable Debit Network transactions for CLS, Sentral works with the Debit Networks to provide a single point of integration for CLS program providers, greatly accelerating the support of debit cards in CLS while creating many efficiencies in the technical and operational support of both the Debit Networks and the Program Managers.

Easy Integration

Our solution includes the technical gateway for registration and transaction processing supporting multiple card-linked products and an array of enabling support services.

DebitLink, our gateway solution, provides a single point of integration for program managers and networks facilitating:

  • Secure card registration includes managing debit card BIN tables to ensure registration at appropriate network(s)
  • Advanced registration and monitoring to facilitate matching of cards and merchant locations
  • Automated testing facilities for Merchant ID validation
  • Transaction monitoring for qualifying transactions—routing of qualifying transactions to program managers
  • Cardholder value settlement—providing a universal facility to allow program managers to post reward cash value back to participating cardholder accounts with accompanying funds movement
  • Reconciliation services/reporting—everything needed to monitor activity and funds movement
  • Standardized program approval processes—allows publishers to submit program specifics for approval by the networks in one standard format
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Sentral Facilitates the Growing CLO Industry

Card-linked services are expected to open up many possibilities wherever companies can make use of the ability to monitor where cardholders are using their cards.The three applications currently supported include:

Card-Linked Offers

The provision of rebates, rewards and discounts for shopping with an enrolled card at participating merchants.

Loyalty Currency

Facilitating the ability for cardholders to choose whether they use accumulated loyalty points, miles, etc. as payment.

Gift Credits

Tying gift credits to purchases at particular merchants with activation by purchasing with a registered payment card.

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